Leading Internet Law Book Reflects Ever-increasing Legal Issues



Lawyers from Bird & Bird, the international law firm servicing the communications, technology and e-commerce sectors, have combined to produce a third edition of "Internet Law and Regulation" - the definitive guide to Internet law.

This new edition reflects unprecedented levels of activity in the Internet legal area since the book was first published in 1996. Compared with 156 pages in the first edition, the third version of "Internet Law & Regulation" now runs to 737 pages - a significant indication of the growing wave of legislative and court activity affecting the Internet.

Bird & Bird London litigation partner Graham Smith, well known as an expert on IT and E-Commerce law, is the main author and editor of the book, which has been published by Sweet & Maxwell. He leads a team of authors from Bird & Bird's London, Brussels, Hong Kong, Paris and Stockholm offices, together with contributors from 11 other countries.

Commenting on the launch of the third edition of the book, Graham Smith said:

"E-commerce raises some of the most complex but also the most interesting questions for lawyers and all those doing business on-line. It is a constantly evolving area and there is a need to understand all issues related to the development of Internet law.

The book focuses on key issues that have been apparent since the early days of the commercial Internet, nearly ten years ago. While the issues are still the same, now everyone, including legislators and courts in many countries, has something to say about them. With all this activity we must avoid the danger that the Internet will be saddled with a load of bad law. Lawyers can help to ensure that policymakers are alive to the need, if the potential of the Internet is to be realised, for restraint and careful consideration in their legislative activities. I hope that the new edition of "Internet Law and Regulation", with its fine group of contributors from around the world, will contribute to a clear understanding of the legal and policy issues involved."

Requests for review copies of the book may be made to Sweet & Maxwell (Lisa O'Rourke on +44 (0) 20 7393 7127). The book is available for purchase from legal booksellers, online bookstores or direct from Sweet & Maxwell (http://www.sweetandmaxwell.co.uk/products). A chapter synopsis of the book can be found on www.twobirds.com under `Publications/Books and Articles'.

For more information on the book, please contact Graham Smith on +44 (0) 20 7415 6000 or graham.smith@twobirds.com.