One2One win 'Third Generation' Domain Name Case



Having obtained a third generation mobile phone licence during the recent UK government auction, One2One have now also won the domain name '' following a legal battle with an individual who registered the domain and tried to sell it back to them.

A decision in the case, which follows the recent decision in, under the ICANN arbitration procedure administered by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), was notified to One2One on 21 June 2000.

The decision recognised that "3g" was an acronym for "third generation" mobile telephone licences. One2One had recently succeeded in the auction for a third generation UK licence and the arbitrator found that the use of the One2One brand together with "3g" suggested that the domain name emanated from One2One, which was very well known throughout the United Kingdom in the field of mobile telephones.

One2One believe they are the first UK mobile telecommunication service provider to obtain a decision transferring a domain name to them under the ICANN procedure.

Peter Brownlow, the partner at Bird & Bird who acted for One2One in the case said "The ICANN procedure is a great benefit to brand owners who do not want to be held to ransom by individuals using domain names to profit from the brand owner's reputation".

Bird & Bird also represented the successful applicants in the, and cases, all of which were decided in the brand owners' favour.

For details on the case, please contact Peter Brownlow on +44 (0) 20 7415 6000.