World Competition Law and Economics Review September 2009

World Competition Law and Economics Review

José Rivas, Editor

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, September 2009 - September 2009.

279 Editor's note

283 The Article 82 Reform: Increasing the Incentives to Comply?  Lisbe Finell

305 Ways to Promote Workable Private Antitrust Enforcement in Italy  Selene Rosso

327 Restitutionary Remedies in Competition Law: Bull in a China Shop?  Abayomi Al-Ameen

347 Ailing Financial Institutions: EC State Aid Policy Revisited  Charalambos Savvides and Daniel Antoniou

367 A Tale of Two Economic Approaches to Evaluate Forbearance Petitions  John B. Meisel

393 Competitive Neutrality and Distortion of Competition: A Conceptual View  Martti Virtanen and Pekka Valkama

409 Strategic Considerations in the Emergence of Private Action Rights  Reza Rajabiun

435 Book Reviews


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