World Competition Law and Economics Review September 2008

World Competition Law and Economics Review

José Rivas, Editor

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, September 2008 - September 2008.

333 Editor's Note

335 The Use of Settlements in Public Antitrust Enforcement: Objectives and Principles Wouter P.J. Pils

353 "National Champions" Rhetoric in European Law Or hte many faces of protectionism Antonio Goucha Soares

369 Are Monetary Incentives Enough to Boost Actions for Damages in the European Union? On the Relevance of Incompleteness of Laws and Evidentiary Requirements Alessandro Sarra and Alessandro Marra

385 Unilateral Conduct in an Oligopoly according to the Discussion Paper on Art. 82: Conscious Parallelism or Abuse of Collective Dominance  Teresa Vecchi

401 Private v. Public Interest: the Strategic Use of Competition Law in Ireland by Private Interests Paul K. Gorecki

421 Public Financing of Urban Transport: The Application of EC State Aid Rules Mihalis Kekelekis and Phedon Nicolaides

449 Recent Economics at the Japanese Fair Trade Commission - Revision of the Business Combination Guidelines and Case Analysis Koki Arai

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