A Users Guide to Patents 2nd Edition

A User's Guide to Patents

Trevor Cook

Tottel Publishing, 2nd Edition - October 2007.

This title focuses on all the areas of patent law and procedure which prove to be the most important in day-to-day practice. It addresses some of the wider public policy aspects of patents and their economic significance, as well as past and likely future trends in the field, both in Europe and the USA.


Part 1: Patents generally
1. Introduction to the patent system
2. Applying for and securing the grant of a patent
3. Transactions with patents and applications
4. Procedures in disputes concerning patents and applications
5. Patent validity – substantive law
6. Patent infringement – substantive law

Part 2: Patents in specific areas of technology
7. Patents for chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals
8. Patents in biotechnology
9. Patents in electronics, communications, computing and for business methods

Part 3: Appendices
1. Adherence to International Patent Treaties
2. Patents Court and Court of Appeal Workload
3. Patents Court and Court of Appeal Judgments on Validity and Infringement 1997-2004
4. Suggestions for further reading
5. Patent resources on the Web
6. Legislative materials

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