Electronic Signatures and Identities Law and Regulation 2nd Edition 2nd

Electronic Signatures and Identities Law and Regulation

Lorna Brazell

Sweet & Maxwell, 2nd Edition 2nd - January 2008.

With an analysis of the importance of signatures in both civil law and common law, and showing how this has been translated into legislation, Electronic Signatures and Identities:

  • Includes a detailed comparative examination of the laws and regulations in this area in over 60 overseas jurisdictions

  • Reviews the overlap between electronic identities and signatures, and the problems that electronic identities raise for data protection and individual privacy

  • Considers the latest case law and regulations and discusses the impact of standards such as the European Workshop Agreements on signatures

  • Reviews the latest developments and includes discussion of the contentious issues of biometrics and electronic ID cards

  • Provides all the information you need on electronic signatures in civil law

  • Presents advice on the implications of e-signatures so you can draft and negotiate the best terms for your client

  • Expands your understanding of the key issues across all the major international jurisdictions

  • Keeps you fully informed with a wealth of new coverage on new regulations, case law and developments

  • Provides you with crucial coverage of the UN Convention and Model Laws

  • Includes coverage of the UK, European Economic Area, Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Russia, South Africa, UAE, Turkey and Israel.

  • Incorporates a new glossary to help you understand technical language and terms

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