Abstraktion und Kausalabhangigkeit im deutschen Immaterialguterrecht 1st Edition

Abstraktion und Kausalabhangigkeit im deutschen Immaterialguterrecht

Dr Henriette Picot

Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden, 2007, 1st Edition - September 2007.

Editors: Prof Dr Christian Berger, Prof Dr Horst-Peter Götting

In the recent past, a considerable number of insolvency proceedings in the German media business have re-raised the traditionally controversial issue of whether copyright licenses (e.g. to music or films), upon termination of the related license agreement, automatically fall back to the copyright owner, or whether they survive such a scenario in the hands of their then-current holder (whether the original licensee or a subsequent sub-licensee or assignee). Taking into account both dogmatic as well as practical considerations, this book analyses the relation between the grant of a copyright license and the underlying license agreement in light of the general principles governing the transfer of ownership and rights in rem under German civil law.


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