UK: The Dalton Review and NHS Five Year Forward View: An at-a-glance guide


The last months of 2014 brought two major reports on the immediate future of the NHS – the Dalton Review and the NHS Five Year Forward View.

These reports set out a broad range of proposals aimed at addressing the challenges faced by the NHS in the 21st century. In particular, the reports identify a number of new organisational forms and models of care which NHS trusts and other bodies will be encouraged to evaluate and implement.

As the Dalton Review states: "Even the best providers will struggle to meet the challenges of the future without looking outside traditional organisational boundaries and considering how [to] better support new clinical models and ways of working".

Our healthcare team, which has extensive experience of advising NHS bodies on the implementation of innovative organisational structures and revenue-generative ventures, has been monitoring the development of these proposals and created an at-a-glance guide to these key aspects of the Dalton Review and the Forward View.

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