Czech Republic: Lobkowicz beer expanding in China



Lobkowicz, the fifth biggest brewery group in the Czech Republic, has expanded into China in October 2014. This very first Czech mini-brewery was established in China in cooperation with Steven Cang, a Chinese citizen who fell in love with Czech beer during his stay in the Czech Republic. Lobkowicz group has licensed the special know-how on the production of typical Czech beer and will also provide the specific local ingredients and Czech brewer who will provide training to brew Czech beer. The initial intended volume of the production is 500 litres of beer per day. The venture will also have a pub, decorated in typical Czech style, where traditional Czech dishes will be served by staff in local Czech costumes. This is a pilot project and further potential expansion will highly depend on its success. In any case, we hope that the fame of the Czech beer will further expand!



Andrea Jarolimkova

Andrea Jarolímková

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