Schreiber foods to expand to Slovakia

01 July 2015

Bibiana Mozoľová, Katarina Bujnakova

The US company Schreiber Foods, which has grown from a single production facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin to one of the largest dairy companies in the world, has bought a dairy factory in Zvolen from Senoble, as well as two other Senoble dairy factories in Spain (i.e. acquisition of 100 % Senoble Central Europe and 100 % Senoble Ibérica).

Schreiber Foods is an international company based in the United States, whose owners also include its employees. With an annual turnover of €4.5 billion, it is ranked as one of the largest dairy companies in the world. Schreiber Foods has more than 7,000 employees in production and distribution networks throughout the world - in Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay and the USA.

Senoble International, based in Belgium, is owned by the family of the same name, and is considered as one of the largest private enterprises dealing in milk and milk products in the world. Senoble specialises in manufacturing yoghurt, dairy desserts and lactose-free desserts. In 2013, Senoble achieved a turnover of €900 million and total production exceeded 500,000 tonnes.

Zvolenska dairy is one of the largest dairy food processing plants in the Slovak Republic with an annual turnover of €45 million. It manufactures dairy desserts and yoghurts for retail trade under the "Zvolenský" brand. Schreiber Foods states that it is committed to maintaining continuity and further growth for its customers, suppliers and employees.


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