Designs for the future: a new wave energy device

A group of pupils from Castlemilk High, Glasgow, have designed a floating wave energy converter and have now been named the Junior Saltire champions at the Celebration of Science and Engineering at the Glasgow Science Centre.

The team was lucky enough to test their gadget in the world’s most advanced ocean simulator at the University of Edinburgh’s FloWave Ocean Energy Research.

The winning design is simple but effective - it hangs vertically in the water and generates electricity by moving up and down with the waves. The students’ main idea was its use in disaster areas as it can be easily and quickly deployed.

The competition which is funded by the Scottish Government in partnership with Skills Development Scotland (SDS), saw over 200 teams from around. Click here to find out more.

Twitter launches video feature

On 11 June, Twitter launched their own video feature enabling users to shoot, edit and upload videos straight to the "twittersphere".

All you need to do is download the app, which is available on iPhone and Android, to get started.

For more details go to "About Twitter".

This article is part of DesignWrites for July 2015