Competition Law in Asia Pacific: Highlights from 2015 and what's coming next in 2016

14 December 2015

Kathryn Edghill, Graham Maher, Cicely Sylow, Zhaofeng Zhou, Richard Keady, Amita Kaur, Sandra Seah, Siobhan Kahmann, Beng Chai Tay

The members of the Asia Pacific (APAC) Competition group have published a new brochure which highlights the developments during 2015 in various countries within the region and anticipates what might occur in 2016. The new publication coincides with the introduction of the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance, which regulates conduct (whether in Hong Kong or overseas) that prevents, restricts or distorts local market competition.

The APAC Competition brochure is planned to be an annual publication.

New version PDF >>


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