Wearable technology - bridging the gap between fashion and technology

Jonathan Ive’s latest invention, the Apple Watch, has been hotly anticipated by technology enthusiasts worldwide for many months. Wearable technology is bridging the gap between fashion and technology and it looks like Apple is clearly making the link. For the fashion conscious there are several metal options to choose from, including 18 carat yellow and 18 carat rose gold, proving that this isn’t just for the tech crowd.

Recently we have seen further examples of the new technology/fashion relationship from other leading tech brands, such as Google working with fashion designers for its launch of Google Glass.

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Positive branding - can it make you happier?

Big brands such as Coca-Cola and Dove are now trying to improve consumers’ state of mind or are even looking to have an important role in their pursuit of happiness.

Although the concept of positive branding has been around for some time, major brands are now trying to place a greater emphasis on appealing to consumers on a personal level and using emotional connection as currency. Examples of this trend include the Starbucks 'paying it forward' movement or, most recently, the McDonalds 'Pay with Lovin' campaign where instead of paying with money, patrons could pay with acts of kindness or love such as hugging or calling a loved one.

Of course, this isn't entirely selfless as it will help these brands enhance their brand perception and strengthen their relationship with consumers.

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This article is part of BrandWrites by Bird & Bird - May 2015