UK Data Protection Bulletin - February 2014



We are enclosing our latest update of news and developments covering the start of 2014.

Key points to note are:

  • Commission and EU Parliament admit that negotiations on the draft Regulation will not be complete before May elections;
  • Consultation on new ICO approach to complaints, which will prioritise repeat offenders;
  • The ICO's consultation on new guidance for press and the media following the Leveson Enquiry; and
  • A new Court of Appeal decision on personal data. The decision holds (unsurprisingly) that someone's name is personal data. However, more interestingly, the decision unanimously endorses the ICO's Technical Guidance on the meaning of personal data. The Technical Guidance notes that what is 'personal data' will often be obvious and that the tests suggested in Durant (focus and biographical significance) are only of use in difficult cases where this is not obvious.

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