Same rules, different methods: White Paper on the public procurement of medicinal products


Despite a complete harmonisation of the rules on public contracts throughout the European Union, the practical implementation of those rules varies greatly among member states. Due to the inherent specificities of the market for medicinal products, the divergences in the practical implementation of the rules on public contracts are even greater when it comes to the procurement of medicinal products.

Our teams in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the UK have explored the way in which public procurement of medicinal products takes place in their markets. The exercise has identified some of the issues the healthcare sector is currently facing with respect to public procurement rules. The cross-border survey shows that the different approaches of member states results in very different legal solutions and situations in practice.

Our team's findings have been summarised in a White Paper.

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