Nordics employment law lifecycle: A comparison of Denmark, Sweden and Finland

By Katarina Åhlberg, Maisa Nikkola, Søren Narv Pedersen


Nordics employment law lifecycle

This short report explores the main differences in employment laws across Denmark, Sweden and Finland, taking into account issues across the lifecycle of employment – at the recruitment stages, during employment and upon termination.

It would be a mistake to classify the Nordics as a single coherent region, where business practices in one country can be translated seamlessly across borders to neighbouring jurisdictions. Despite any superficial similarities of legal structures and policies, there are significant differences between Denmark, Finland and Sweden in a number of vital areas throughout the employment lifecycle — differences which can often cause surprises, and problems, for the uninformed.

With the help of our heads of employment in these countries, we set out the main issues which HR professionals working in or with a responsibility for the region should be considering.

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