First non-alcoholic wine produced in the Czech Republic

By Andrea Jarolímková


Should you be an abstinent, a driver, or a pregnant woman, or should you take medication, you might greet with delight that a segment of non-alcoholic wines in the Czech Republic have become increasingly popular.

Official numbers are missing, but according to importers of dealcoholized wine sales have multiply grown over the decade. This year, the first non-alcoholic wine was produced in the Czech Republic by Mr Miloš Michlovský from South Moravia (municipality of Rakvice), which is a region famous for its wine. Mr Michlovský allegedly invested around CZK 18,000,000 (approximately EUR 670,000) into a production device. Because of the costly production, dealcoholized wine is more expensive than normal wine, which is one of the reasons of such cautious approach of wine producers (contrary to the beer sector where the non-alcoholic versions of beers are quite usual).



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