Brand stretch: Realising potential whilst protecting a key asset


Whether you are concerned with expanding your brand into new markets or stretching its reach into new product categories, achieving a brand’s full potential comes with inherent legal and reputational risk. A panel of experts with deep experience of growing market profile discussed extension and protection in brand strategy at a breakfast seminar on "Stretching Your Brand" hosted by Bird & Bird.

What became clear from our panel of experts was that brand stretch, whilst incredibly valuable, is not easily achieved. When stretching a brand across products, issues of cannibalisation are a challenge, while benefitting from a halo effect across all of your lines is inevitably a big ask. When taking a brand international, the issues of consumer preferences, tastes and cultural nuances all come into play, as does the thorny area of differing brand life cycles. All of these challenges exist against a backdrop of complex regulatory frameworks across industries and jurisdictions, whether those involve product labelling rules or navigating patents and trademarks. None of these challenges is, of course, insurmountable, but the successful construction of a globally recognised name across more than one product line is still, for many, the holy grail of marketing.

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