UK Data Protection Bulletin February

By Ruth Boardman


Our regular data protection bulletin summarises data protection news from the UK & Brussels.
Key points to note are:

> the rapporteur's report on the draft General Data Protection Regulation;

> congratulations to New Zealand on its adequacy finding;

> the first appeal from a monetary penalty in the UK (which confirms that voluntary reporting does not preclude ICO from issuing a penalty)

> a monetary penalty of £250,000 on Sony Entertainment, in respect of the Playstation data breach

> a consultation on subject access requests; and

> some pro-active follow up on cookies (in both the UK & Ireland)

Readers who are active in Australia, Denmark, Germany & Hong Kong should also check the ad hoc advisories at the end of the newsletter, with details of significant changes to Australian privacy rules, Danish data transfer rules and Hong Kong direct marketing rules and German DPAs actions against Facebook.

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