UK Data Protection Bulletin - April

By Ruth Boardman


We are enclosing our Easter data protection update of news and developments in March. Key points to note are as follows:

In the EU, comments from both the A29 Working Party and the European Data Protection Supervisor on the draft Regulation and Directive. These contain very crisp summaries of existing regulatory thinking on key concepts such as consent, personal data, anonymisation and pseudonymisation: it remains to be seen if these 'established' views will be carried over in the new order;

An opinion from the Article 29 Working Party on mobile apps – look out for our separate alert on this;

In the UK, must-read guidance from ICO in Bring Your Own Devices and a tantalising Court of Appeal case on awarding damages under the Data Protection Act for distress (a full judgment is not yet available: we will do a full analysis once it is).

To read the full report, please click here (pdf).