Food Law Digest Newsletter July 2013

By Ulf Grundmann, Armand Killan


In this edition of Bird & Bird's Food Law Digest we guide you through the most recent legal developments in the European food industry:

You will read about antitrust topics reporting on the German potato industry becoming subject to price-fixing allegations and find out, why the Spanish Competition Authority hinders Government measures in favor of food processors.

You can read up on trademark related articles highlighting counterfeited pâtés and the outcome of the most escalated trade mark disputes for processed cheese in the Czech Republic.

We are also featuring the regulatory issues of the food industry discussing if a “fat tax” helps fight against obesity within the EU. Furthermore, should crocodiles really enrich the Czech diet?

Last but not least, we do not want to withhold the report on the progress of the Greek yoghurt trial in the UK.
We hope you enjoy reading this selection of interesting and informative articles! Click on the titles for more information.

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Ulf Grundmann and Armand Killan
Editors and Co-Heads of the Food & Beverages Group




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