DesignWrites by Bird & Bird - June 2013


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Welcome to the very first edition of DesignWrites.

At Bird & Bird we're passionate about design. DesignWrites will unravel and explore the seemingly complex world of design protection, offering practical advice by looking at recent European design cases, hearing from industry experts and sharing stories from the wider design community.

We hope you enjoy it. We welcome questions, comments and suggestions, so feel free to get in touch with co-Editors and Bird & Bird Senior Associate, Ewan Grist at, or Bird & Bird Partner, Manon Rieger-Jansen at or tweet us at @twobirdsIP.

Bird & Bird would like to thank the Design Museum and Adrian and Jeremy Wright of DesignWright for their additional contributions.

If you would like advice on how best to protect your designs or take action to stop copycats, please contact Ewan Grist.

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