In the last month, competition authorities have carried out two high-profile dawn raids at the premises of a number of companies in ICT sectors:

  • Last week, the European Commission carried out dawn raids at a number of telecommunications companies. The dawn raids were reported to be at the offices of Deutsche Telekom, Orange and Telefonica, as part of a Commission investigation into the way in which those companies provide internet connectivity. 
  • A couple of weeks before the Commission's dawn raids, the French competition authority, the Conseil de la Concurrence, was reported to have carried out dawn raids at the premises of Apple and of some of Apple's resellers.

It is not uncommon for investigations by one competition authority to be closely followed by dawn raids and investigations in closely-related markets or in the same market, but in a different country.

If you are faced with competition authority staff at the door, even a minimal amount of advanced preparation can make all the difference. 

Download a copy of Bird & Bird's "Surviving a dawn raid" brochure, which sets out a guide to what will happen, what powers the authorities may have and a check-list of the key things to remember in the heat of a dawn raid, in relation to inspections by the European Commission and by the UK competition authorities.

For more information contact Richard Eccles, partner in our EU & Competition Group.