Crocodile enriches Czech diet

By Andrea Jarolimkova


After a long time, the Czech Republic has reached a culinary primacy across EU; however, it is doubtful if such a primacy is worthwhile. On 1 March 2013, the Regulation No. 34/2013 Coll., on Veterinary Requirement for Slaughtering Crocodiles and further Processing of Meat and Animal Products Originating from Crocodiles, issued by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture and approved by the European Union, became effective. 

This May, after watching instructional videos from crocodile farms, Czech butchers slaughtered the first Nile crocodile in a farm of the joint-stock company AGRO Jevišovice, a.s. under curious surveillance of the veterinary inspection. Crocodiles have been bred in this farm approximately for nine years. However, crocodile breeding in Czech conditions turned out to be very expensive due to demands on heating. 

Even a newly established crocodile zoo could not cover the costs. The farm with approximately 200 Nile crocodiles lobbied for legislation, which would enable them to get rid of the animals. They finally succeeded and as a result, the crocodile became a farm animal. Dozens of purchasers from hotels and restaurants already showed interest in crocodile meat. A crocodile steak costs around CZK 600 (approximately EUR 23) on the Czech market. 

The Czech Republic is the only member of the European Union, in which crocodiles can be slaughtered and processed. 



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