Co-development and co-innovation within a business ecosystem


In a world which is increasingly connected, the collaboration between businesses and public organisations and their ecosystems of clients, suppliers and strategic partners gives rise to numerous projects concerning the co-development and co-innovation of new products and services.

These new collaborative initiatives require the establishment of different relationships with various key players within the ecosystem: clients, suppliers, partners, public organisations, universities, and sometimes even their own rivals and competitors.

The investigation, conducted on an international scale between June and November 2013, targets the large international groups and the SMEs, as well as state-owned entities such as universities and other public institutions. 

The objective of our investigation is to identify the best practices and to discover the most efficient modes of communication in order to have a better grasp of these new models of collaboration, focusing in particular on:

• The major challenges faced in the processes of co-development and co-innovation
• The best kinds of collaborative approach
• The anticipation of any risks and the protection of intellectual property 
• The different approaches to the distribution of value
• The measures which must be undertaken in order to evolve and facilitate partnerships in the long-term

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