Tesco’s twitter feed: #nojoke
Tesco Mobile recently launched their ‘#nojoke’ twitter campaign to revamp their brand image and prove that they are a serious contender in the market.

Their satirical responses to somewhat negative tweets from the general public and engaging in a rap battle resulted in the account going viral with one of their comments being re-tweeted over 11,000 times!

In general, the response to Tesco Mobile’s clever tactic has been favourable, and Tesco appear to be on the right path to showing that their brand is in fact ‘#nojoke’.

Facebook delights brands with new promotion policy
Traditionally brands have had to run promotions within apps on Facebook, meaning some thought the take up from their targets wasn’t always as effective as it could be.

Facebook have established a new and improved promotion policy, allowing brand owners to host these promotional activities directly on their Timelines. This means users would no longer be diverted from the brand page. The change is likely to boost the number of promotions launched on Facebook and could lead to a broader range of contests being held.

Find the new policy at:

Nick Aries,

These articles are part of the BrandWrites Newsletter for November 2013