Big Data is set to have a huge impact on the automotive sector and there are legal implications that need careful consideration.

In the briefing note attached we have outlined what the impact of Big Data will be for the automotive sector including some practical uses for automotive companies as well as addressing the new legal challenges companies will be faced with.

New Big Data research technologies and data analytic tools introduce a revolution in the way people do business and provide management with objective information available in real time, drawn from the huge quantity of digital data produced on a daily basis by organizations and individuals.

Market statistics and analysis are fast becoming obsolete tools and will be replaced by software delivering graphically enhanced and easily readable information, derived from data originating from IT systems, social networks, user generated content, blogs and online magazines, market operators as well as, in the context of the automotive sector, from the countless onboard sensors incorporated in vehicles.

Using these new software tools, within Cloud infrastructures that can lower operative costs, it is now possible to access and organize this mass of information with the purpose of obtaining useful data in real time.

Given the complexity of the legal implications of these new technologies, we find ourselves in the rare circumstance where the legal function can provoke managerial innovation by taking a leading role in proposing solutions for adding value and creating real operational advantages for companies.

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