Bird & Bird & Big Data

By Alexander Duisberg, Roberto Camilli


The incredible and continuous production of – both structured and unstructured – digital data coming from the widespread use of digital devices and on-line systems is pushing business to define Big Data strategies. 

Machines, devices and networks are constantly producing data which are often simply too voluminous for the human interface to take them in consideration. Increasingly, in the business context the data itself turns out to be the core asset of business transactions. 

The Big Data revolution and data management is turning into a major point of interest for CIOs and the focal point of attention at board level. Providers of software solutions are growing exponentially in this dynamic segment of the IT industry, with smart innovators competing against large multi-nationals to provide scalable and integrated Big Data solutions.

The IT Sector Group at Bird & Bird has developed a brochure identifying some of the key legal issues around complex Big Data solutions, both in the private and the public sector.

Bird & Bird draws on a deep understanding of the impact that Big Data has throughout the entire value chain of technology-based service offerings. From common propositions for Big Data solution providers right up to cutting-edge innovators dealing with coding methodologies that ensure data categorization and analysis, Bird & Bird has leading expertise and insight into the industry on a broad scale.

Our lawyers are frequently engaged in government and industry initiatives dealing with the legal ramifications and regulatory demands of Big Data, including questions of standardisation and data management programmes.

Click here to access the brochure. 

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