VAT Alert: Zero-Rating and Leasing to Airlines

By Julian Hickey


The Court of Justice in Re A Oy C-33/11 has decided that supplies of aircraft can be VAT exempt (or zero-rated) by intermediaries where the end user is an airline operating for reward chiefly on international routes, and that international routes includes not just regular flights but also charter flights. The decision will apply across the EU.

A key issue for aviation intermediaries (such as operating or finance lessors) is identifying when the supply of aircraft to such a recipient can be exempt from VAT in the European Union.

Under the EU VAT Directive the supply of any aircraft which is used by an “airline operating for reward chiefly on international routes” is treated as an exempt supply with VAT recovery (referred to as zero-rating in the UK), which includes the leasing of such aircraft.

If zero-rating is not available then the standard rate of VAT applies where a supply is treated as being within an EU Member State (e.g. in the UK a VAT charge of 20% arises). Zero rating means that no VAT arises on the supply of the aircraft but the supplier can recover VAT on associated costs.

In the UK (and some other Member States) a “look through” test is applied to a supply chain involving the supply and leasing of an aircraft.  This means that it does not matter if the recipient of a supply (e.g. a lessor purchasing an aircraft) is not itself an airline provided that the ultimate end-user is an “airline operating for reward chiefly on international flights”. Any seller or lessor of an aircraft who applies zero-rating on a “look through" basis will require contractual protection such as warranties/certificates from a purchaser/lessee as to the end-use in order to ensure entitlement to apply zero rating.  Until the judgment in A Oy look-through treatment was not available in all Member States, e.g. Italy, Germany and Poland.  

The Court has also decided that the VAT exemption can apply where an operator operates chiefly international charter flights.

What does the case mean for the aviation sector within the EU?

1. Zero-rating on the sale of aircraft to an intermediary non-airline (such as a finance/operating lessor) where the aircraft is purchased for exclusive use by an airline operating for reward chiefly on international routes.

2. Zero-rating on supplies to an airline operating for reward chiefly on international routes (which includes either regular or charter flights).

3. Appropriate evidence should be obtained that the ultimate end-user is a qualifying airline.

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