Jaako Hietala to speak on panel at the Datacentre Investment Forum in Finland


Jaakko Hietala, will be participating in the ‘Nordic Market Perspective - Finance and Investment’ panel discussion at the Datacentre Investment Forum on 24-25 October. The forum will be taking place in Kajaani, Kainuu, Finland and the event will also be attended by our data centre team. 

The ‘Nordic Market Perspective - Finance and Investment’ panel discussion will focus on the long term considerations and how investors' perceive data centres as a money making proposition. The discussion will also consider what instruments are being favoured or being used in financing build and expansion and if investments are dependant on anchor tenants.  

The Datacentre Investment Forum will explore how the Nordic region is becoming an established location for data centre operations with its abundance of sustainable renewable energy, perfect environmental and political conditions, excellent access to the major European international internet exchanges and direct access into the fast growing Baltic and Russian markets.

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