Maciej Gawroński, Head of Warsaw Office, contributes to biggest business daily in Poland


In a full page article in “Rzeczpospolita” newspaper, the biggest business and law daily in Poland, Maciej Gawroński touches the sensitive issue of perpetual licensing of software under Polish law. The topic is sometimes questioned by Polish lawyers as it is not fully clear under Polish law.

In the piece, titled “It is possible to license software perpetually” Maciej argues that potential unstability of software licensing laws in Poland would effect in putting the country out of the mainstream of global information-based economy.

‘Whole virtual world is software-based. It is the software translating the digital signals into understandable information. There are millions of software programs out there. The relations between them are complex and consist of multiple elements. The licensed elements used by software makers are often used to build upon and add extra proprietary code. Therefore, in a short term, one-sided cancellation of contractual rights would mean that the software ecosystem as a whole would likely collapse due to legal reasons’