Special IP Report presented by The Daily Telegraph in association with Bird & Bird


The Daily Telegraph, in association with Bird & Bird, recently published two full page 'Special Reports' in its Business section on intellectual property issues. The reports were published on 16th and 22nd June respectively and each was followed by an interactive webinar two days after publication, broadcast on the Daily Telegraph website and featuring a panel discussion on relevant topics from the reports. People were able to log-on to view the webinars live and pose questions to the panel of experts.
The lead story in the first report focused on British companies inadequately protecting their innovative business and product ideas, plus a piece on intellectual property in the Food sector and a section on IP success and disaster stories. The piece included comments from Joint Head of Bird & Bird's International IP group, Morag Macdonald, and UK Partner Mark Hilton. Following this, the first webinar took place on Friday 18 June. This was presented by Business editor Damien Reece who was accompanied by Morag Macdonald and guest panellist Luke Hakes, investment director at Octopus Ventures, a UK investment house.
The second special report consisted of a lead story focusing on the Asian market and highlighting how countries such as China are improving their IP enforcement and how it is now more important than ever to ensure there is adequate protection of intellectual property assets. In addition, there was a smaller piece on copyright and electronics. The report also featured comments from Morag Macdonald plus UK Partner Graham Smith and was followed by a webinar on Friday 24 June. This was again presented by Business editor Damien Reece with Morag Macdonald, also featuring guest panellists Clive Rich of Rich Futures and Thane Forbes of Intangible business (Brand valuation consultancy firm).
Please click here to view PDF versions of the two special reports.

Please visit the following website if you wish to view the webinars: www.telegraph.co.uk/birdandbird