Bird & Bird supports MBO School


A new initiative has just been launched to train management teams on how to conduct successful Management Buy-Outs. MBO School will hold its first workshop at a boutique hotel on 13/14 October, close to Heathrow Airport.


The initiative is the brainchild of David Gudgin, a partner at Albion Ventures and experienced entrepreneur Mark EvansMBO School is being supported by Brian Livingston a corporate finance partner at Smith & Williamson and Geraint Lloyd, corporate partner in Bird & Bird's London office.


Geraint Lloyd comments: "We frequently advise on MBOs which are crucial for the development of the companies involved and we’ve found it vital for the success of the venture that the key legal issues are fully understood by the management team negotiating the MBO. MBO School will explain all the legalities as well as issues such as valuation, raising investment for the MBO, timetabling and more in plain English. Teams that attend MBO School will leave fully prepared to start work on their own MBO."


This initiative has appeared on eFinancial News and Unoquote (subscription only).