European News April – June 2010



US and EC regulators have conditionally cleared Cisco’s acquisition of Norwegian video-conferencing company Tandberg in a deal valued at $3.4 billion. The clearance is subject to disposing of a Cisco-developed protocol called TIP to ensure that the merged video-conferencing products will continue to work with those of competitors (see here).

OFCOM draft code on ISP obligations under Digital Economy Act 2010

The UK ISP regulator OFCOM is consulting on a draft code of practice concerning the obligations on ISPs imposed by the Digital Economy Act 2010 to reduce online copyright infringement. ISPs are required to notify their subscribers if their IP addresses are reported by copyright owners as being used to infringe copyright. ISPs are also required to notify copyright owners about subscribers who exceed a certain threshold of warnings (see here).


German software maker Nero has sued MPEG LA in the US alleging it is abusing its monopoly power in video codec patents.


The European Commission is investigating an allegation of anti-competitive behaviour against Qualcomm made by chip-maker Icera (see here). Also, Qualcomm is part of an investment group that has bought a stake in Anteryon, a Dutch manufacturer of optical components for phone cameras (see here).


The European Commission has reached a settlement with Samsung, Infineon, Toshiba and other manufacturers over a cartel to fix memory chip prices. Nine companies were fined a total of $403 million (see here).


TDVision has granted SisVel the exclusive right to manage TDVision’s portfolio of stereoscopic technology patents.