China and the ITU standard on mobile handset chargers

By Ted Chwu


As many will already know, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) recently approved a general standard for mobile phone chargers focusing on the Micro-USB standard as the interface between charger and handset. Agreement has already been reached between the European Commission and the main handset manufacturers.

This has been of importance to China due to the substantial amount of handset chargers manufactured in China. In fact, a Chinese standard covering mobile handset chargers already existed (YD/T 1591), and was introduced in 2007. Although the Chinese standard does not set out an interface between the charger and handset, China Telecommunication Technology Labs (one of the Chinese standards organisations for telecommunications) has reported that the existing local charger standard is fully compatible with the new ITU standard. Work is also progressing on a new Chinese standard for the charger interface which is likely to require adoption of the same Micro-USB standard.  It is expected that this work will be completed within the year.




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