National Customs Conference 2008


The National Customs Conference 2008 took place in Rotterdam Ahoy on 9 October 2008. Bird & Bird was one of the organisers. As much as 230 participants came to Rotterdam Ahoy in order to receive information on recent developments in the area of customs. The topics discussed were: Modernised Customs Code (“MCC”), Export Controls, Administrative Penalties, Authorised Economic Operator (“AEO”), Automation of electronic declarations, Package taxes and Lessons from practice and recent case law. Bird & Bird was involved in providing a presentation as well as two workshops.

Tim Hesselink from Bird & Bird gave a presentation on the MCC and the amended Dutch national customs legislation.

The legislation concerning EU Customs law is laid down in Regulation (EC) 2913/92 (“Community Customs Code, “CCC”) as well as in Regulation (EC) 2454/93 (the Implementing Provisions of the CCC, “IPCCC”). The CCC will be modernised. Tim Hesselink discussed various topics that will be amended once the MCC will become applicable: centralised clearance, customs debt, self assessment, guarantees, additional assessment and right to be heard. In addition, Tim Hesselink discussed the amended Dutch customs legislation.

Furthermore, Tim Hesselink gave two separate workshops on the MCC and the amended Dutch customs legislation in which he addressed additional topic that have been amended. Moreover, Tim Hesselink gave a further background on the MCC.

Martine Chin-Oldenziel gave two separate workshops on export controls. Martine Chin-Oldenziel set out the applicable EU and national legislation regarding export controls for dual-use goods as well as military goods. Furthermore, various other aspects have been discussed, for example, who has to apply for an export licence and which penalties can be imposed.