Bird & Bird receive award for patent excellence



This year Bird & Bird were delighted to receive the award for Patent Excellence at the Informa WorldLeader International IP Awards.  The award was based on a submission regarding a cross-border litigation.

In April 2006 Bird & Bird gathered a team from across several offices in Europe – Felix Roediger (Germany), Bruno Vandermeulen (Brussels) and Yves Bizollon (France) – to secure a European-wide injunction at the Antwerp Court of Appeal for its client against a US competitor in a patent infringement suit. The suit regarded fluid storage and dispensing systems for toxic gases used in the manufacturing of semiconductive chips. A particularly challenging case, Bird & Bird’s team implemented an efficient strategy in the face of judicial battle and conducted all proceedings, including an appeal, in less than six months.

The judges praised the European focus of this entry which encompassed the UK, Germany, Brussels and France and demonstrated a variety of different types of procedure, including office work.