Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute appoints Board members


The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute (“the SCC Institute”) was established in 1917 and provides dispute resolution services to over forty countries. Over the past few decades the SCC Institute has emerged as one of the leading arbitration institutions in the world with an impressive network of international arbitrators.

The Board of the SCC Institute has traditionally consisted of renowned Swedish lawyers with special knowledge in matters related to international arbitration. In order to increase the international network of the SCC Institute and to improve services to parties to international arbitral proceedings even further, the number of Board Members has recently been increased to include six new foreign members [1] (all of them leading international authorities on arbitration).

Dr Mohamed Aboul-Enein, Egypt
Director of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration. Secretary General of the Arab Union of International Arbitration.

Dr. Pierre A. Karrer, Switzerland, Vice Chairman
Honorary President of the Swiss Arbitration Association, Court Member of ICC Court of Arbitration. Mr Karrer has practiced as a full-time arbitrator since 2005.

Professor Alexander S. Komarov, Russia
President of the Moscow International Commercial Arbitration Court. Law Chair at the Academy of Foreign Trade. Member of the Russian President Council on Civil Legislation and on Judicial Reform.

David W. Rivkin, USA
Board Member of the American Arbitration Association.

V.V. Veeder QC, England
Appointed to the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) in 1989. Vice President of the LCIA until 2003.

Dr. Wang Sheng Chang, China
Vice President and Secretary General of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC). Member of the ICCA and the LCIA.

The Board of the SCC Institute also includes the six Swedish Board Members namely Mr Johan Gernandt (Chairman), Mr Jan-Mikael Bexhed, Professor Dr Kaj Hobér (Vice Chairman), Mr Ulf Jonsson, Mr Einar Lundgren and Dr Patricia Shaughnessy.

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[1] The list of appointments is not exhaustive in each case.