Age Discrimination

By Ian Hunter, Warren Wayne


Legislation outlawing discrimination on the grounds of age is due to come into force in the UK in October 2006.Commentators are agreed that the new legislation is likely to have a profound effect on the workplace. Evidence from the US and Ireland (which already have legislation prohibiting age discrimination) suggests that awards in relation to age discrimination cases are likely to be higher than the average employment claim. As a result, it is vital for employers to be well prepared for the introduction of the new legislation.

The employment team at Bird & Bird has been monitoring the evolution of the age discrimination regulations throughout the lengthy consultation exercises which the government has undertaken. As a result, the team has an in depth understanding of the ways in which businesses are likely to be affected and has recently advised on how benefit packages (for example, private medical cover and permanent health insurance) will need to be changed to comply with the new provisions.

We will present a personalised briefing seminar (of up to 90 minutes) to a select group of your key staff covering the following issues:

  • An overview - how is the legislation likely to affect your business?
  • Demystifying the legislation - what are the key concepts?
  • Justification - how far will the defence go?
  • Will service related benefits be permitted?
  • Retirement and the duty to consider extending working
  • Practical steps your business should be taking

If you are interested in an individually tailored workshop-style seminar, free of charge, please contact Ian Hunter, Jeremy Nixon or Warren Wayne.

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