Policy rules for Dutch taxi sector


The Dutch Competition Authority (the “NMa”) is going to draw up policy rules for the application of the Dutch Competition Act to the taxi market. In particular, taxi control centres will play an important role in the policy rules to be issued by the NMa.

Within taxi control centres, several taxi companies co-operate with respect to pricing and the supply of taxis. The aim of the policy rules will be to clarify the requirements under competition law which the taxi sector must meet.

In order to be able to draw up clear rules which do justice to the practice of the market, it is important for the NMa to have a good impression of the competitive conditions between the different taxi companies. Also, the NMa wishes to have insight into the functioning of taxi control centres, into taxi companies that are associated with a taxi control centre and into taxi companies that are not associated with taxi control centres. Especially, the reasons why taxi companies do or do not associate with taxi control centres are of interest. To obtain information from the market, the NMa has prepared a questionnaire. The questionnaire will be submitted to several taxi control centres and taxi companies throughout The Netherlands. The NMa also expects to obtain an answer to the question whether or not there are regional and/or other differences within the taxi sector.

Source: NMa website (www.nmanet.nl), press release of 28-09-2004