PanEuropean project on address verification


In 2004 an international consortium started introducing the pan-European address verification service “RISER” (Registry Information Service for European Residents). The project is supported by the EU eTEN program that is aimed at the deployment of e-services in the areas of e-government, e-health, e-inclusion, e-learning, Trust and Security and services for SMEs.

The objective of RISER is to provide European administrations, businesses and citizens with one single point of online access to the addresses of government registries of European countries. It especially addresses the need in pre-sales to verify addresses and in post-sales to find customers that have relocated.

The project involves several data protection and privacy issues. RISER’s internet infrastructure is based on open standards using the OSCI transport standard for data transfer in order to prevent unauthorised access to the personal data processed. Due to European and national data protection restrictions, RISER is not intended to build one central database with a European address register. Instead, inquiries are routed to the responsible registry office in the respective country.

RISER currently provides address information from Germany, Austria and Ireland – with Poland to come. Details can be obtained on