ACPO Data Protection Manual of Guidance


Readers in the UK may recall that the status of data protection and its impact on police procedures suffered following the Soham investigations.

ACPO, the Association of Chief Police Officers, has been preparing a new draft of their Data Protection Manual of Guidance. Below is an update to the progress of this manual, that ACPO have provided us with.

We will of course keep readers up to date with any developments in this area:

"The new draft ACPO Data Protection Manual of Guidance is due to be released for initial consultation amongst police forces this summer. No final release date has been given for the Manual, which will replace the existing ACPO Data Protection Code of Practice. In due course the Manual is likely to be available to the public in its entirety.

Production of the Manual is being carefully co-ordinated to ensure consistency with the forthcoming Statutory Code of Practice for the Management of Police Information and the supporting Guidance on the management of police Information currently being developed by the National Centre for Policing Excellence."