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Next Gen Comms

A world of billions of connected devices will need new communication networks across fixed, mobile, long-range, short-range and satellite. The rollout of 5G, changes to spectrum allocation and new service tiering models will present legal and commercial challenges.

Contacts: Joanne Wheeler & Cathal Flynn.

Smart Grids & Metering 

The convergence of energy and technology networks allows greater realtime information for consumers and utilities but funding models, privacy implications and innovations in customer tariffs still need to become established.

Contacts: Ian Edwards & Ronald Hendrikx.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

UAVs are being used in a growing number of industries to provide remote monitoring, photography and access to hazardous environments. In future they will be used for deliveries in retail and healthcare but the legal issues in aviation regulation, privacy and service models present challenges.

Contacts: Simon Phippard & Gabriel Voisin.

Industrial IoT 

IoT is being used by companies to deliver automation and efficiency in their processes as well as providing remote monitoring and control. Task management, logistics and maintenance are all being disrupted by these technologies and software is having a greater impact on profit, and if it fails, business disruption.

Contacts: Henriette Picot & Roberto Camilli.

Smart Cities 

The public sector faces both the biggest opportunities and challenges from IoT – smart technologies could enable more efficiency in delivery of municipal services but there are also privacy concerns, cyber risks and funding challenges.

Contacts: Roger Bickerstaff.

Connected Homes 

Connected devices, wearable tech, data services and apps are transforming how we control and interact with our homes. There are consumer protection and data protection, as well as cyber security issues companies addressing this market need to consider.

Contacts: Gabriel Voisin.

Autonomous Vehicles 

The highest profile of IoT use cases is developing quicker than had been imagined. Automotive companies are collaborating and potentially competing with technology companies. The legal issues in IP, data protection, cybersecurity, product liability and permissions to operate all need to be addressed.

Contacts: Christian Kessell.

Smart Health 
The challenges faced by healthcare systems globally from ageing populations, increased demands on social care and changing health issues are well-publicised. IoT technology, health self-management apps, smart drugs and new biotech are all seeking to help address these challenges.

Contacts: Ian Edwards & Emma Drake.