Tessellate is our initiative dedicated to technological advancement in business.

Digital technology, has collided with businesses in many sectors more and more over recent decades. Emerging technologies and rapidly shifting consumer behavior are forcing many organisations to rapidly reconfigure how they operate in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago. In the future, technology may force these industries to reimagine themselves entirely.

Our recognised international expertise in technology, communications, and many other sectors gives us a unique position from which to guide organisations through critical transitions. We bring a depth of industry knowledge that will help you maximise the benefits of technological change and innovation. We have a long history of advising clients in many sectors on issues arising from the exploitation of new technology. 

Through Tessellate we are exploring many different areas of technological change and how it is affecting businesses like yours, you can click on our hot topic pages below to learn more. 

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We'll be running a series of tailored workshops where we'll explore how technology is affecting businesses. These complimentary workshops will give businesses affected by this technological shift valuable insights into the key developments shaping the future of your industry as well as advice on ways in which to respond to the opportunities and challenges the future presents.

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Keeping updated

Some areas we're touching on through Tessellate include (but are not limited to): blockchain for digital rights and secure distribution; artificial intelligence and machine learning – and the increasing use and impact of these technologies across industries such as content creation, curation, distribution, games, gambling and marketing; data – the role of not just big but massive data as the raw material required for the effective use of other emerging technologies; 5G and its potentially transformative impacts; AR and VR – two critically different but high potential technologies that could fundamentally alter the way we interact with our world; smart contracting – from contracting to procure and implementing these new technologies, to using them to contract.  

"We believe that intelligent change, brilliantly navigated, has the power to create and transform organisations, industries, countries and lives. We continuously build and combine our deep experience of technology and change, excellent industry knowledge, and a rare level of insight and forward thinking to help businesses in many sectors maximise the benefits of technological change and innovation".
Richard McMorris, Partner, Bird & Bird

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