The competitive, technological and regulatory landscape is changing. Let Oxygy work with you to transform your business and build the capabilities you require.

Oxygy's collaborative approach combines Bird & Bird legal advice with management consultancy expertise to help organisations discover, design and deliver effective compliance, digital/data and expansion strategies.

Why? Because the issues you face are broad, and sometimes law is only one part of the answer. An effective solution requires a multi-disciplinary approach and a different way of thinking.

Our Oxygy management consulting joint venture has three lines of business:

  1. Regulatory Compliance: solutions to help your business meet compliance standards and contribute to business success.
    • Compliance Management Framework
    • Compliance Implementation Programme
  2. Digital and Data-Driven Transformation: solutions to help your business leverage the power of digital technology and data.
    • Cybersecurity
    • Data Monetisation
    • Business Model Transformation
    • Web Reputation
  3. Business Expansion: solutions to help your business expand, realise value and unlock its potential.
    • Business Internationalisation
    • M&A Value Realisation
    • Business Innovation System

By forming multidisciplinary teams, Oxygy provides you with a broader perspective on issues for which you would otherwise turn to two or more separate advisers.

It is part of Bird & Bird’s solution for helping you transform and improve your business, where the range of skills required extends beyond pure legal expertise.

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