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National identification numbers/any other identifier of general application
Austria 05.06.2018 No, the ADPA does not contain provisions as regards national identification numbers or any other identifier of general application.
Belgium 08.10.2018 The BPA does not contain provisions on national identification numbers or other identifiers of general application.
Czech Republic 13.09.2018 n/a
Denmark 06.09.2018 § 11 contains specific rules on when public authorities and private companies may process national identification numbers.
Finland 13.11.2018 Under the Data Protection Act, a Personal Identity Code (PIC) may be processed with the explicit consent of the data subject or when it is important to unequivocally identify the data subject for the purposes provided by law or for carrying out an assignment prescribed by law. Processing is also allowed for carrying out rights and responsibilities of the data subject or the controller, or for the purposes of scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes. PIC may also be processed for certain additional purposes listed in the Data Protection Act such as lending, debt collection, and insurance. 
France 22.05.2018 The New Data Protection Act is not modified on this. Article 2 states that personal data means any information relating to a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to them. This includes the National identification number and any other number that can be connected to a natural person’s identity.
However, the National identification number does benefit from a specific protection in France. The processing of this number is subject to an authorization from the Council of State after taking into account the opinion of the CNIL (French Data Protection authority). The New Data Protection Act provides four exceptions to this principle :

- For processing implemented for the purpose of establishing public statistics by the public statistical service if they do not contain any the data laid down in Article 8 and Article 9 of the New Data Protection Act.
- For processing exclusively implemented for scientific or political researches.
- For processing implemented by the State or a legal person governed by private/public law in charge of a public service for the purpose of making available to the users of the administration one or more teleservice.
- For processing of health data governed by Chapter IX of the New Data Protection Act.
Germany 23.05.2018 No
Hungary 17.05.2018 n/a
Ireland  12.09.2017  Not mentioned in the General Scheme.
Italy 17.05.2018 n/a
Netherlands 17.09.2018 In line with art. 6 GDPR, art. 44 UAVG provides that national identification numbers may only be processed if such processing is provided for by law, and only for those purposes as stipulated in the relevant legislation.
Poland 07.09.2018 n/a
Slovakia 13.09.2018 n/a
Spain 07.09.2018 n/a
Sweden 06.09.2018 The Act stipulates that information regarding personal identification numbers or classification numbers may only be processed without consent where clearly justified in light of (i) the purpose of the processing; (ii) the importance of positive identification; or (iii) some other worthy reason. The Government may issue regulations on other justifications for the processing of personal identification numbers of classification numbers. 
UK 22.05.2018 n/a