Current status of implementation

The final draft of the Legal Notice that will implement the NIS Directive into Maltese law has been completed by a specialist unit within the Maltese Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security and should be published for public consultation in the near future.

Implementation Act

Transposition is being proposed through a Legal Notice to be signed by the responsible minister. It remains to be seen under which Chapter of the Laws of Malta this will be done.

Determination of operators of essential services (Art. 5 NIS)

It is the CIIP unit (the competent authority) that shall establish the criteria for the identification of operators of essential services . Since the draft Legal Notice has not yet been published, there is currently no further information on this point.
Reporting obligations

Operators of essential services will be obliged to report any events/ incidents disrupting the delivery of their services to the competent authority, namely the CIIP unit.
Sanctions regime

No information on this has, as yet, been made publicly available.
Competent authorities

The 'competent authority' responsible for the NIS Directive will be the “Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) Unit” within the Maltese Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security. The CIIP unit shall be responsible for the monitoring, application and enforcement of the NIS Directive.
Jurisdictional applications

More details to follow.
Remarks (if any)

Further detail will be provided once the draft law is published for public consultation.

Last reviewed 28.02.2018