Current status of implementation

Ministry of Defence has created a working group for drafting the necessary amendments to Latvian laws regarding cyber security.

Implementation Act

More details to follow.

Determination of operators of essential services (Art. 5 NIS)

No public information regarding possible changes in respect of the determination of operators of essential services is available yet.
Reporting obligations

More details to follow.
Sanctions regime

More details to follow.
Competent authorities

In the 2016 Amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 695 "Statutes of the Electronical Identification Monitoring Committee”, which changed the name of the Committee to Digital Security Monitoring Committee, the reasons for such changes included the plan to amend the functions of the Committee by adding the duties of monitoring required under the NIS Directive . The Position of Latvia on the Cybersecurity Package states that Latvia is cautious about the idea of creating new institutions. Therefore the Digital Security Monitoring Committee could be the competent authority. However, there is no regulation  which clearly states this yet.
Jurisdictional applications

More details to follow.
Remarks (if any)

No public information about the implementation is available yet. The information regarding the NIS Directive in this document is provided on a no-name basis by the officials responsible for the implementation of the act.

Last reviewed 28.02.2018