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Explanatory note re status
The Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection has published a discussion paper on the implementation of the DSM Copyright Directive, that was open for comment until the end of January. 
The draft envisages accelerated implementation of some particularly urgent aspects of the Directive in a separate legislative procedure. 

Public consultation on DSM and SatCab Directives closed on 6 September 2019.

Leaked draft bill:
On April 1, 2020, a draft bill for "a first law to adapt copyright law to the requirements of the digital single market" was published on the website of the Federal Ministry of Justice. However, this was deleted a few days later. It had been published "too early". 
Implementation Act


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Lea Noemi Mackert , Christoph Hendel

Noteworthy points arising from legislative changes


Articles 3 & 4: The Text and Data Mining Exceptions


Article 15: The Press Publishers' Right

According to the leaked draft bill, search engines could be allowed to display up to seven words of a journalistic work in their results on a license-free basis. It is not unlikely that this approach will be maintained in the first official bill.

Article 17: Platform Liability Provisions


Chapter 3 Overview


Article 18: The Bestseller Right


Article 19: Transparency Obligations


Other Information

Draft text available (in German):