"Employees are a company's greatest asset."
       -   Anne M. Mulcahy, former CEO of Xerox.

All organisations will, at a minimum, process the personal data of their workforce. If employees are a company's greatest asset, then handling an employee's personal data responsibly is paramount.

Responsible employers will adopt good practices when handling personal data throughout all stages of the employment life-cycle – from application through to termination. By complying with data protection law when handling HR data, employers increase trust and engagement in the workplace because transparency in an employer's practices will translate to workers having trust and confidence in the employer. Compliance will also protect employers against legal claims from applicants, employees and other individuals who feel that an employer has misused their personal data.

The data protection section focuses on how data protection laws around the world apply to the employment context where, often, special rules can apply.

Understanding the GDPR and how it is enforced is important for businesses around the world and compliance with the GDPR requires ongoing attention. Bird & Bird's Guide to the GDPR summarises key aspects of the GDPR and highlights the most important actions which organisations should take to comply with it. A copy of our Guide can be found here. The GDPR Tracker shows how and where GDPR has been supplemented locally, including the impact on employee data. Click here to access our tracker.

To find out more about our Privacy & Data Protection expertise, you can visit our page here.